concrete brixton

  • We produce high quality concrete, as a company we have a stable position and many years of experience in the market. We have a wide range of cooperators, proven suppliers, completed orders and references from satisfied customers. The employees of our company Ready Mix Concrete Brixton are a selected and specialized staff, having high qualifications and extensive experience allowing to maintain high technological regimes. Combined with a large technological regime, this allows us to maintain the high quality of Brixton concrete. The qualifications of our employees and the solid equipment and transport base, as well as the use of the best materials, constantly build our image, thanks to which we are well known in the local market, covering the London area. The strength and competitiveness of our company Ready Mix Concrete Brixton is also a constant implementation of modern technologies and materials, as well as professional laboratory facilities.

  • How do we produce the highest quality concrete? Computer control allows you to minimize the so-called the impact of the "human factor" on the product we manufacture. Our Ready Mix Concrete Brixton concrete plant is equipped with appropriate installations enabling the production of concrete mix in winter conditions. The production takes place in a closed circuit, which minimizes environmental impact. Recycling equipment working in our factory allows segregation of fresh concrete mix residues into aggregate and water, which are recycled to the production process.Contact us to find out the prices and terms of ordering concrete. Incentives to place an order through our hotline.

  • Our company Ready Mix Concrete Brixton to meet the needs of our customers produces concrete and we provide transport of concrete. We have a mobile node for the production of very good quality concrete, which we can install at the client's request. To transport the main chassis of a concrete plant, just one tractor unit. The construction of a concrete plant in working position takes up a small space on the construction site. Quick assembly and commissioning allows you to start production after 2-3 days. No special foundations are needed to install the node, concrete road slabs can be used. Concrete transport vehicles with outriggers capable of delivering concrete to a height of 15 meters. Our fleet has modern volumetric cars delivering Brixton concrete. Order Concrete Delivery Brixton.

  • Ordering Concrete Pump Brixton is already available in our company. Thanks to stationary concrete pumps and the availability of technologies related to them, the implementation of very complex and large construction projects located often in "difficult" places becomes possible, and sometimes even simple. With smaller surfaces it will check a distribution mast with manual drive with a range of 10 or 12 m, whose big advantage is the possibility of its free movement on the surface of the object's ceiling using an installed construction crane. Our company Ready Mix Concrete Brixton also has other car pumps. To adapt the equipment you need to your investment, contact our consultant.


  • We manufacture the highest quality concrete. Our Ready Mix Concrete Brixton is a company fully based on British capital, a certified quality management system ISO 9001: 2001 and an environmental management certificate ISO 4001: 2005. Among the machines used in the concrete plant we have a production line for the production of concrete masses with modular elements containing the feeder, concrete line, cement ladles and yard. We have a laboratory and a fully automated computer control system. The concrete mix is ??manufactured from the highest quality ingredients with appropriate attestations and certificates. Concrete is produced in a modern, computer-controlled concrete plant.